To secure and sustain attention of the children and to motivate them towards school activities it is necessary to involve the children into a variety of activities as per the focus and interest of the child. There are variety of activities in school offered in the form of activity clubs to all children from classes VI to XII. We have various Clubs in our school.

Music Club

The Music Club What is life without Music – definitely barren and dreary. The Music Club of ACS Schools fill the hearts and minds of the children’s rhythm and melody. Ours is an “inclusive” club which throws open its doors to all children of the school during cultural programmes like School Anniversary celebration, Independence Day and youth festivals. We aim to teach our children to appreciate music in all its forms both vocal and instrumental as well as songs and tunes of the Orient and the Occident. Special emphasis is given to patriotic songs in order to encourage the spirit of National Integration among the children.

Nature Club

Learning from nature and creating a pollution free earth are the twin purpose methods of the nature club of ACS schools. Students make charts on conservation, pollution and ecosystem to create awareness among children about various global problems. Making of compost within school premises really helped in gardening. We have encouraged the children to use paper bags and other recyclable materials and banned the use of plastics. The children weeded the garden and cleaned the area to give it better look We also planted trees that reduce global warming. Even though We've done a lot, there are many things yet to be done to create awareness pertaining to our environment. .

IT Club

Under the modern system of education the computer has become one of the most important part of student's life. ACS School Computer Board manages the Computer Club, the remedial club and other computer related activities in school. Apart form the computer club is the Remedial Club. The Remedial club consists of students who are weak in mastering the computer language yet they take interest in it. When the students of the Remedial club are confident to take up new challenges they are transferred to the computer club. The performance of the school in the last few years is extremely well. The ACS School computer club is playing a vital role in ever changing world of computer by gathering information of the latest technological development in this field and imparting knowledge to the students. .

Maths Club

There is a genuine place for a Mathematics Club in schools like ACS where the psychological development of a child is always given the first priority. In this club the students get opportunities to develop their hobby and participate in recreational mathematics, project games, discussions, debates and quiz. Math quiz is one of the main activities done by maths club every year. Students really enjoyed the quiz papers. .

Science Club

The Science Club is the dearest club of the young scientists of the School. It is a place where a whole lot of critical, analytical, technical and scientific dialogue takes place. Various experiments are conducted by the enthusiastic members of the club, theories are practiced and the quest to know the unknown is quenched.

Art Club

The Art Club of ACS SCHOOLS is full of budding artist. They are full of bubbling lofty ideas and at the same time are quite enthusiastic to put them in action. The Art Club students are very enthusiastic and are always keen to do something different with the full support of wonderful and cooperative teachers. The students of Art Club perform other activities such as painting, framing, clay work, cardboard painting etc. All in all Art Club is a perfect mix of fun, joy, learning, creativity and colours. The walls and board of the schools are adorned with the work of the art students. .

Yoga Club

Yoga contributes to not merely the physical development of the child, but has a positive impact on mental development as well. The classes aim to increase students’ physical strength, flexibility, balance and ability to relax. This will help each student to improve his/her capacity towards focusing, concentration and retention of new information.

Students Police Cadet

Student Police Cadet SPC is functioning perfectly in our school. They conduct vacation camps in our school.
SPC Students are awarded grace mark in the S.S.L.C examination. (Include these sentences under spc heading)

Development of life Skills

We give maximum importance in the life skill development of our students.

Associated Rotary club

Interact Club

Interact club is a service club for youth ages 12 to 18 and is part of Rotary International, the world’s first service club organization. The parent international organization consists of over 30,000 clubs around the world and boasts more than million business and professional leaders as members. Individual Rotary clubs sponsor the youth component, Interact clubs, by providing guidance and support. The first Interact club was founded in 1962. .

Literary Club

The Literary Club aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instill in them a confidence to speak well. Competitions of various kinds are held to enhance their talents. The club holds Extempore Speech Contest from Classes I-X, which helps them to deepen their power to think and broaden their vocabulary, at the same time exposes them to a set of audience necessary for the growth of confidence in them. .

Justice Club

ACS School Justice Club is committed to creating awareness among ourselves and our community concerning social injustices, both locally and globally. We act upon this knowledge in solidarity with the global community in order to positively impact the world. As a group of young women, we are dedicated to fostering respect and equality and we strive to create equal opportunities for all. .

Student wing of Indian Red Cross Society

The various activities of the Junior Wing of the Red Cross aim at raising the students to the level of good human beings, social workers and to add to the nation's growth. Under the auspices of JRC, our students visit old age homes and participate in rallies conducted on social awareness themes.